Power Generation

With over 80 years of experience in power generation, Simson-Maxwell can design, assemble, install, commission, and maintain your power system.  We offer custom solutions with diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generator sets, ranging in size from 5KW to 5.5MW.  There is more to a generator that just components and our vast experience will guarantee the best power generation equipment on the market today.

Simmax Power Generation

Custom and prefabricated Simmax generators to suit all applications such as diesel, natural gas, bi-fuel, open and enclosed power units, enclosures as well as self-framing buildings.

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Simmax Power Plant Solutions

Specializing in multi unit reciprocating engine power plants from 100kw to 100MW. We offer custom designed plants to meet your power generation and logistical requirements.

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Simmax Distribution & Controls

Simson Maxwell has long been an industry leader in developing customized genset controls. We offer the latest in technology advanced products on all of our gensets

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Simmax Alternative Energy

Simson-Maxwell is committed to clean energy production. Our team will help you to take action on climate change and protect the environment and your bottom line. Through cutting-edge technology, Simson-Maxwell's alternative energy solutions will help you to reduce emissions, are cost-effective and fit your specific power generation needs.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Power

Power system solutions that are optimized for your cryptocurrency mining project. Efficient, durable, and reliable systems provide you with maximum uptime to ensure that your productivity and revenue stream is maximized.

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