About Us

Design, manufacture, sales, and service of power generation and industrial engine equipment for 81 years, Simson-Maxwell is a highly respected distributor and manufacturer. By collaborating and partnering with companies and manufacturers that are industry leaders in their technology and customer service, we are able to provide solutions to meet the demanding conditions and challenges that our customers face.

Our Vision

To allow our customers the ability to take their power for granted and focus on what they do best.


Four Pillars of Power


Our employees are our greatest asset and the foundation for our success.  Simson-Maxwell has over 125 staff members spread over 8 locations within the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.  We are committed to attracting and retaining talented individuals.  Our employee population has never been more diverse in terms of culture, skillset and experience.  Simson-Maxwell strives to provide a work environment that is safe and challenging as well as encourages collaboration throughout all areas of our business.


Our customers are the reason we are successful.  We pride ourselves on our long-term relationship approach.  Simson-Maxwell is unique in our industry by being able to identify a power generation or industrial engine challenge that our client is facing and having the depth and experience to design, assemble, install and service a complete flexible solution that is custom tailored to their needs.   We strive to provide our clients with a customer service experience that is second to none.

Products and Services

Simson-Maxwell is a leading Canadian manufacturer and supplier of industrial engines, power generation products,  services and custom solutions.  Our key focus is on economical, efficient, flexible, environmentally responsible, clean tech solutions that include a wide variety of products including; solar, wind, energy storage, combined heat and power (CHP) as well as tier 4 final diesel and natural gas industrial engines.   We design and assemble a complete line of electrical control equipment including switch gear, synchronization and paralleling gear, distribution, Bi-Fuel and complete power generation product controls.  Our product support group boasts over 4000 preventative maintenance agreements ensuring reliability for power generation and industrial equipment within Western Canada. Simson-Maxwell provides reliable, dependable, 24/7 product support.  Simson-Maxwell provides quality, innovative products and projects through the Simmax brand name.


Simson-Maxwell is a majority owned subsidiary of Viking Energy Group Inc. This partnership provides the corporate and financial strength to significantly grow its market share, as well as offer leading edge clean energy technology solutions to the power generation marketplace.


Recent Projects

See some of our recently completed projects for examples of the work Simson Maxwell can do for you.