Simmax Power Generation

Simson-Maxwell has been producing superior standard and custom power generation units for over 75 years. Combining the best components with leading electrical and mechanical expertise, our generators are best in industry. Simmax meets your power requirement needs for custom applications, paralleling, remote monitoring, or in-house electrical design engineered manufacturing.

Simmax Prime Power

Simmax Prime Power rated generators are designed to operate continuously or for extended periods at variable load factors, often in remote locations without access to an electrical grid. They are generally used for utility paralleling or Isolated applications. They have an Alternator Temperature Rise of 105/40°C.

Simmax Standby

Employee safety and productivity are paramount for business. Simmax Standby power-rated generators supply emergency power when a power outage occurs for an extended period of time. They operate at up to 100% of the electrical load for the duration of the power outage. Typical usage is 50 hours/year, up to approximately 200 hours.

Simmax Continuous Power

Simmax Continuous Power rated generators are designed to provide a reliable power supply for an unlimited number of hours each year. Generally used in remote locations, the Simmax continuous power rated generator is similar to a Simmax Prime Power rated generator, but provides a consistent load of power, unlike prime power, which provides a variance of the load.

These generators are durable, with a cooling system to ensure they remain functional for long periods of time. They run at lower revolution speeds to further increase their lifespan.

Simmax - Residential

Quiet and Powerful The QuietConnect™ series of home standby generators is enhanced with features – like weather protective, sound insulated enclosures – for a best-in-class 65dB or lower noise, approximately the same volume as a normal conversation.

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