Planned Maintenance

Our 24 hour availability, paired with our highly skilled team of over 65 journeyman technicians trained on the application of C282-19, as well as ASTT, we are your trusted planned maintenance service provider.

Inspections (CSA)

Simson-Maxwell can tailor a custom maintenance inspection program specific to your maintenance strategy by offering CSA-compliant inspection services, as well as safety and operational training for building operators on emergency generator equipment. Our certified team includes journeyman electricians and journeyman heavy duty mechanics, as well as a fully-equipped service fleet, compliant to all regulations.

Weekly Inspections

Weekly inspections can confirm operation, starter systems, batteries, charging equipment, engines, control panels, as well as inspection and testing of air control louver settings. Any defects are identified and corrected; all testing and corrective actions are logged.

Monthly Inspections

Our monthly inspections can simulate a failure of electrical supply and ensure your work site is operational in times of duress. Any defects are identified and corrected; all testing and corrective actions are logged.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Semi-annual inspections can include engine and ventilation system inspection, as well as engine and linkage cleaning and lubrication. Our experienced technicians check fuel filters and fuel supply. They conduct checks of belts, hoses, electrical & mechanical connections, air filters, ignition systems and heat exchangers. The entire unit is reviewed for safe operation.

Annual Inspections

The annual inspection can include full engine and generator service and inspection. This can include changing engine lubrication oil, oil filters, and fuel filters. A two-hour full load test is performed to verify emergency generator conditions and readiness. Covers are removed to ensure inspection of loose connections and testing to verify operation in the event of a power failure. In diesel systems, quality of fuel is checked. Depending on your on your needs may include a comprehensive CSA inspection.

Five Year Maintenance

Five-year maintenance services may include generator winding inspection, megger testing, coolant testing and replacement, radiator cleaning and cooling system inspection, as well as checking valve clearances and other adjustments as necessary.

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