Simmax Distribution & Controls

Simson-Maxwell has long been an industry leader in developing customized genset controls. We offer the latest in technologically advanced products on all of our gensets.

Simmax Control Panels

Control panels reflect voltage, current and frequency measurements. This Simmax control panel allows you to observe and operate your facility to ensure it is running efficiently. Depending on the size of the generator, control panels can either be independent or attached to the generator.

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Simmax Bi-fuel

The Simmax bi-fuel system consists of four separate elements: The Simmax-ComAp control panel, modulating type gas train, DENOX knock monitoring system and engine temperature and knock sensors.

Our system will reduce diesel consumption, reducing your cost and lowering emissions. It substantially reduces particulate matter and NOX. Our best-in-class solution has no de-rating of power output and boasts extended run times when limited fuel storage is available. Our system can use multiple alternative fuels (NG, LNG, CNG, Bio Gass, and more) and has no OEM or engine system modifications.

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Simmax Switchgear

Simson-Maxwell provides switchgear technology to meet the needs of your work site, regardless of the conditions. Designed and manufactured by our in-house team, the CSA and NRTL-approved switches are considered the premium line in today’s market.

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Simmax Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are vital for standby power generators. Transfer switches move currents from one power source to the other.

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Simmax Loadbanks

Reactive, programmable and computer controlled load banks ensure the reliability of standby electrical systems. Testing backup power outage systems is imperative to ensure that these systems will work during a real power outage.

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