Simmax Power Plant Solutions

Simson-Maxwell specializes in multi-unit reciprocating engine power plants, meeting client needs from 100kW to 100MW. We custom design plants to meet your power generation and logistical requirements, wherever you do business.

Simmax Building Packages

Simson-Maxwell develops unique power generation solutions for our clients, regardless of location or industry. We develop the power supply to protect your staff, investment, and worksite. Simson-Maxwell offers a wide-range of building packages that will fit whatever space you have and your specific needs.

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Simmax Split Buildings

For over 75 years, Simson-Maxwell has designed and manufactured open, enclosed and modular enclosures for use in various power applications. During this time, Simson-Maxwell has refined its engineering and manufacturing expertise to successfully execute the design and supply of modular enclosures from the simplistic to the most challenging of applications.This allows us to offer flexible solutions for smaller spaces and reduce shipping costs.

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Simmax Power Plants

Simson-Maxwell designs and constructs diesel and natural gas power plants, ranging in size from 100KW to 100MW, meeting the needs of those working away from the traditional power grid and in need of reliable power generation.

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Simmax CHP

Simson-Maxwell is dedicated to providing reliable onsite combined heat & power (CHP) systems. By recycling heat produced from your power generation equipment, it not only meets or exceeds your specific industry needs but also environmental standards.

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Simmax Distributed Energy

Simson-Maxwell designs distributed energy systems. Distributed energy is either created or conserved by several little, grid-connected devices also known as distributed energy resources or distributed energy resource systems.

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Simmax Consulting and Design Services

Our Simson-Maxwell sales team and engineers are here to help you design, build, install and commission your power generation project.

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