Simmax Power Plant Solutions – 6 x 1000KW

Simmax Power Plant Solutions - 6 x 1000KW

Location: Alberta 

Client Request: 6 x 1000KW Single Building Power Plant

Proposed Solution: Simmax Power Plant Solutions



This project required a solution that provided a completely redundant 3MW N+1 generator system to be housed in one building to minimize the foot print at the site and have a reduced capital spend.

To meet the project requirements Simson-Maxwell designed a solution that was 6 X 1 MW Waukesha natural gas engines coupled to Kato alternators and Simmax controls. This created a reliable power source the customer could depend on 24/7.

To help meet the client’s needs of having one large structure with a reduced capital spend our team modified the Simmax’s split building design. By doing so, we were able to provide a cost saving of 18% and were able to assemble the base and generator sets in our Calgary projects fab yard. Once completed we shipped the solution to the site and assembled the building over top of the prefabricated work, driving cost down and meeting the needs of the customer.