Simmax Power Generation – Mobile 600KW

Simmax Power Generation - Mobile 600KW

Location: Various

Client Request: 600KW Mobile Gas Package

Proposed Solution: Simmax Power Generation – 600KW

Our client had a requirement for a completely custom package that could meet all of their strict requirements.  Our Engineering, Production and Packaging Services teams all collaborated and delivered this project to their complete satisfaction.

Some details include:

  • 20 ft container partitioned into 3 rooms
  • Capable of generating at 5 voltage types
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • L36, 600KW Waukesha Natural Gas Engine
  • Integrated basin for easy efficient fluid drainage and maintenance
  • 600 Watt solar panels feeding the 24V battery bank
  • Oil and coolant heaters

Another great package supplied by Simson-Maxwell, supported by one of the largest power generation product support service teams!

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