Solar Energy Diesel Reduction Power Project

Simmax Hybrid Power System

On a remote island, just off the coast of Vancouver Island, our client had been relying on a diesel power plant solution for generations. We were contacted because of our over 75 years of experience to develop an innovative hybrid clean energy solution that would provide reduced diesel consumption, reduced noise, as well as significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Our state of the art Simmax Hybrid Power Solution included:
– Retrofit of the existing diesel generators with our most fuel efficient products
– Design, construction and installation of a solar field
– Design and construction of an energy storage building
– Complete control system that integrates and optimizes all these components
– Complete five year warranty and planned maintenance package
– Remote monitoring system

The results have exceeded our expectations. The island is powered by the energy storage building. While the sun is shining, the solar panels renew the energy storage. During hours of reduced sunlight and reduced solar generation, the diesel generators provide a reliable energy source to ensure that the batteries remain at optimum performance levels, as well are there to ensure system reliability. During the summer months, the diesel generator sets only operate 2 – 3 hours daily. This creative solution will offset diesel consumption by more than 37% or 52,000 litres annually, as well as reducing noise significantly.

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